Healthy Benefits of Purple Carrots

Healthy Benefits of Purple CarrotsCarrots are a root vegetable of Indo-European origin. Its tap root is the edible part and it’s considered to have a great nutritional value and health benefits. The purple carrot is rich in various nutrients like iron, vitamin, carbohydrates and proteins among others. Carrot contains a chemical called beta-carotene which makes it’s an effective natural remedy in fighting various health conditions. The nutrients in raw carrots get destroyed when they are cooked. Therefore, raw carrots have higher health benefits than the cooked ones.

Healthy Benefits of Purple Carrots

Prevention of cancer: Beta-carotene, a chemical found in purple carrots, help prevent different types of cancer, such as lung cancer. According to studies, the consumption of carrot minimizes risk of colon cancer by 24 percent. Women who eat carrots are less susceptible to breast cancer too.

Preventing heart diseases: The importance of purple carrot consumption in the prevention of heart disease has been proven by most medical researchers and doctors. According to studies carried out at the Wolfson Laboratory in Edinburg, the levels of cholesterol in the body can reduce by 11 percent in a period of three weeks if 7oz of purple carrots are added to the daily diet. On the other hand, other studies also show that the risk of having a heart attack is reduced by a third in people who consume purple carrots regularly.

Prevention of diabetes: Carrots help reduce the blood sugar levels as it inversely affects insulin resistance. The carrot juice contains carotenoids, which plays a major role in the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Other health benefits of purple carrots: Just like the orange carrots, the purple ones have phytochemicals as well as antioxidants and anthocyanin. Besides having anti-oxidation properties, the phytochemicals found in the purple carrots are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The appearance of nails, skin and hair improves considerably with the consumption of carrots. It also controls high blood pressure. Purple carrots are also good for adrenal and endocrine glands, improve eyesight, increase menstrual flow and enhance colon health. The consumption of purple carrots also helps alleviate problems such as long-term cough, lower sexual drive, sexual dysfunction and night blindness among others.
Due to numerous health benefits associated with carrots, you should incorporate organic features in your gardening techniques to get more healthy organic garden and carrots. Here are some gardening tips you may want to consider.

Using natural fertilizer: All you have to do is make a compost plant in the garden. Dig a hole that can collect significant biodegradable waste. You may even add kitchen waste such as vegetable remains, animal meat, rotten fruits and dried tree leaves to the hole.

The use of cover crops for fertility: Green manure involves planting some crops that improve the fertility of soil by nitrogen fixation. Green manure crops also enhance biomass within the soil, leading to better aeration and improved water retention.

The use of organic and biopesticides: Biopesticides are basically microbial biological agents applied just like the normal chemical pesticides. There are microbial biological insecticides, weedicides and fungicides available such as Bacillus Subtilis, Ampelomyces Quisqualis and Trichoderma Spp.