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Growing Corn: A GuideCorn is one of the vegetables that are very popular and can be used in various ways usually all over the world. It is used for a number of benefits linked with it as it is considered as a good source of nutrients for human being. Growing corn is not that much difficult as compared to its various health benefits received from it. Before knowing how to grow corn one must know about health benefits this popular food can provide.

Health benefits of corn

Growing corn and consuming them can be beneficial for your health in many ways. Corn helps in lowering the level of cholesterol and the risk of colon cancer due to its high fiber quality. It helps in reducing diabetes level if eaten moderately. The richness in folate in corn helps in generating new cells especially during pregnancy. Corns show positive effect on the people suffering from anemia. Physiological functions of the body are positively affected due to the presence of Pantothenic acid in corns. The metabolism of carbohydrates can be enhanced due to Thiamin present in corns. Kidney problems alongwith renal dysfunction can be treated positively with corns. Cardiovascular health can be regulated with the moderate use of corns regularly. People suffering from common digestive problems like hemorrhoids and constipation can be benefited due to insoluble fibers of corn

Growing corn

You must know about different varieties of corn before starting to grow corn at your home as most of them have different growing practice and tastes. A professional in this field can guide you to choose a suitable variety for growing corn in your backyard. Now you will have to follow the following steps for properly growing corn to get better results.
Breeding the seeds : Process of growing corn starts with breeding the seeds as they are essential for growing corn plants. The seeds must be collected from well grown and ripened healthy corn to get the best quality of corns.
Preparation of soil: You must prepare the soil suitably by adding organic manure for growing corn at your backyard. The field should have proper drainage to ensure the healthy growth of the corn plant otherwise it may rot. Corn seeds should be sown directly in the soil in early summer, 6-9 inches apart and one inch deep. Keep the soil moistened till the corn sprout out within a week.
Watering the corn plants : The corn plants should be adequately and frequently watered to give you plenty of healthy cobs. Adequate quantity of water makes the corns plumpy and juicy. But water should not stand in the plantation as it can damage the roots of the plant
Use of fertilizers: Use of nitrogenous fertilizers at peak season can help you growing corn healthy.
Caring for pests and diseases : Usually corn plants get inflicted by various plant diseases. You can prevent as per the advice of some professional using pesticides, before sowing the seeds and after the growth of plants.

Thus, you will be successfully growing corn in your backyard and enjoy them by harvesting them at proper time. You may buy Wholesale Nursery Trees here.

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