Dental treatment in Madison

Dental treatmentYou feel good about yourself only when your teeth are healthy. The appearance of your smile with proper white teeth adds more beauty to your personality. However, people do face dental problems from time to time. This could be due to several reasons and even age.

Good dental care services are provided by Dr. Jennifer Vitarelli at Madison Dental Designs. All the needs of the patients are cared for by the dental practitioners at this clinic. In fact, Dr. Vitarelli conducts sessions with patients where she not only listens to their problems but also explains different treatment options to them.

Madison Dental Designs mainly focuses on the comfort of the patients and thereby, offers a family oriented environment. They treat the patients with personal attention, dignity and respect. Dr. Vitarelli individually treats each and every patient by herself and creates a great bond with them. Working as a united team is the only aim of Madison Dental Designs, in order to provide the patients with total well-being and proper oral health. They offer complete oral care services to all the patients, with a special attention on oral health, cavity prevention and restorative dentistry.

Here is a list of the services that are provided by Madison Dental Designs in a comfortable and friendly manner.


A root canal is needed where decay is found close to the tooth’s nerves. The root canal procedure can be avoided if the decay is in its early stages.


Doctors recommend cleaning and examinations every 6 months, in order to avoid gum and cavity diseases. An oral cancer screening is also included in the examination.


Implantation is the process of replacing the missing teeth of patients. It replaces both, the missing teeth and roots as well. Implantation gives the patients a natural look with complete stability.


Dental extractions are required for those teeth that have poor prognosis. The options of treating and replacing the missing tooth are discussed by a team of doctors.


Dentures improve speech and chewing function by offering a balanced occlusion. Dentures are an option of treatment in order to replace missing teeth in a natural way.


This procedure helps the patients to look completely natural and is a great option in order to achieve a better smile. It cures the teeth that are stained, chipped crooked and even where gaps are present.


Frequent cleanings are highly beneficial to those patients who suffer from plague, excessive amount of tartar and bleeding of gingival tissue.


Tooth replacements are done by bridges that are attached to the natural teeth. A natural smile can be restored with similar colored bridges and crowns.


Composite filling or tooth-coloured porcelain is offered by Madison Dental Designs. These teeth are matched to the shade of natural teeth. As the clinic is absolutely mercury free, these fillings are done in one visit only.

Prior appointments are required from early morning to early evening. Madison Dental Designs is open four days a week. Thus, visit the clinic to have a lifetime of healthy teeth.